Tara Reid – A body made for alcohol awareness campaigns

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Tara Reid Celebrates Her Birthday and Halloween at The Pool After Dark at Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City - October 26, 2013No offence to anyone Ginger, but I thought Tara Reid would be dead by now. But the washed-up actress seems to be going strong despite the fact that no one seems to care much about her.

And during her birthday party celebrations at The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, Reid showed the world that she probably doesn’t care much about herself either by revealing what looks like a very malnourished body.

The 37-year old rehab-star (she went for a 60 day alcohol rehab in 2010) rocked up wearing only a Caesar goddess bikini, a gold leaf crown and PVC stripper heels to the event. Throw in a pole and Reid could have probably made a bit of pocket change from just about any blind old horny git.

Although many Hollywood stars try hard to maintain a distressingly slender figure, Reid has taken the lifestyle to a new level – trending the starved African child look with her protruding belly, boney arms and big bopping head about to snap off her tiny neck.

Sporting no real figure anywhere but still carrying two silicone bubbles on her chest she looks more like a horribly disfigured transgender than a woman.

Reid has recently been involved in a low budget B-grade horror film made for television called ‘Sharknado’. In the film she fights for survival after a waterspout sucks up sharks out of the ocean and throws them in to LA – very realistic! Either way Reid should be safe as sharks eat meat, not bones!

It might be time to consider reviving Reid’s career properly by making her the face of every alcohol awareness campaign known to man. One look at her body should be enough to convince even the most hardcore alcoholic to quit while they’re ahead.

It is amazing to think however that this is the same woman who posed for Playboy in 2010 and said; “I’m a young woman with confidence… at the end of the day I go to sleep knowing who I am.”

We all know who you are: a talentless celeb with former alcohol issues and a body that looks like it hasn’t been fed for days!

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