Sex slave Britney Spears gives her friends a good tongue whipping

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Britney Spears, who hasn’t been afraid to open her legs and show her slit in public throughout her career, is more concerned about what people put in their lips recently than what she puts in all of her holes. The ‘Work Bitch’ singer, who has essentially admitted that she’s basically a sex worker in her music videos, as she allows her managers to put her in compromising positions, screwed her entourage from enjoying their recent dinner together.

Ever since Spears left rehab in 2007, the floundering fish has seemingly refused to allow her friends to drink alcohol when they’re eating together, as debated on TMZ Live. The problem escalated when the singer went out to dinner with her boyfriend, David Lucado, and six of their friends at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village near Los Angeles.

When the group sat down to eat dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, Spears’ lips once again rose to the occasion and insisted her friends leave their pre-dinner drinks at the bar. The situation grew even more awkward when a waitress brought one of her friends’ glasses of wine she left at the bar. The singer’s persistence of a sober dinner not only left Lucado without a hard, stiff one at the restaurant, but also later that night in his room. While he and his meat were left without getting smashed at dinner and in the bedroom later that night, the rest of Spears’ friends hit the bar hard.

Spears’ going apeshit over her friends drinking alcohol in front of her may have driven them into the loony bin, a place she herself has drowned her sorrows in. The singer was ordered by a judge to undergo random testing for her addiction, which even led her to ban alcohol from her dressing room while she was a judge on ‘The X Factor’ last year.  But now she has no excuse for deranged behavior on the show, proving that viewers really don’t want a piece of her crazy ass anymore.



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