Rob Kardashian in crazy baby drama

Celeb Clam Comments Off on Rob Kardashian in crazy baby drama 201224 viewers have been stunned with the latest news from TMZ – Rob Kardashian has been PRETENDING to have a secret baby.

This is premier league crazy ass behaviour and we damn well salute it. Not even Lindsay ‘more crackers than Christmas’ has ever invented a baby. Yet.

Kardashian sent the press into a frenzy recently with cryptic tweets:

‘Was with my baby mama tonight.’

And also:

‘Happy I got my Son with me for the 4th tomorrow.’

Media outlets went crazy reporting that Kardashian was a father and that he had a secret lady as well. However, the search for their identities was a lost cause. TMZ states: Sources VERY close to Rob tell us that Rob was testing the media!

Inventing a baby means that Rob has enjoyed fatherhood without having to change any diapers or lose any sleep. It also means the child won’t have inherited his fat ass.

Ginger Clam wonders what Rob will invent for himself next? Sisters who aren’t media whores? A lesbian partner for Bruce Jenner? A talking pony?

Please send us your suggestions and we’ll ignore them.

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