Paris Hilton has a Good Time with Lil Wayne in sexual new video

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 Paris Hilton is once again selling her body to make a name for herself, as she rises to the occasion in yet another provocative sex tape. Oh wait, the hotel heiress is actually just stripping down again and having a good time for cash, with the release of her new video for her latest single, ‘Good Time.’ Hilton is once again opening her mouth and using her tongue to draw attention back to her socialite status in Hollywood, as she has teamed up with labelmate Lil Wayne and his tonsil tickler for their new collaboration.

With the release of the official video for Hilton and Lil Wayne’s new duet, which marks the socialite’s debut on the rapper’s Cash Money Records, Harvey Levin debated on TMZ Live the long lengths she’ll go down to please her collaborator. Weezy’s verse on the track prompted Levin to ask if his body of inspiration was rooted in Hilton, as his lyrics include:

I’m fucked up…I can’t tell you what’s what.

All she know is suck, fuck.

I walked up to a big butt, and asked her ass but what…

Tunechi never slacks without her button up.

While Hilton failed to give a full salute to her personal relationship with Lil Wayne, she did promise the ‘Good Times’ video would be sexy and fun. The video lives up her promise, as it features her doing what she knows best-getting wet with numerous shirtless men around her. Alternating between wearing a drenched RichGirl tank, bedazzled one-piece and leopard print bikini, the heiress unapologetically let her morals fall as she sang:

Are you havin’ a good time

Cause ‘I’m having a good time

I might be a bit tipsy

But that’s OK ‘cause you’re with me

Hilton, who first climbed to the top of the charts with the release of her well-received debut single, ‘Stars Are Blind,’ at the climax of her career in 2006, has said that music is one of her biggest passions. But she added that she’s been so busy with the other aspects of her career, and presumably everyone in Hollywood, that she hasn’t had time to record any new songs until recently. The singer also said she’s “really happy to be a part of the Cash Money family,” meaning that she can go back to doing what she knows best- using her body to suck Americans, or at least the money from their wallets.




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