Naked Mylie hits the net

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Hot little minx Miley ‘camel toe world champ’ Cyrus does not like missing out on media attention. As other stars have fallen victim to iPhone hacking and leaked raunchy pics, Cyrus has watched the world’s focus wander from Miley world.

So, time for some nude snaps to hit the net…

The controversial star surprised nobody yesterday as various ‘scandalous’ shots appeared online of the star in half-naked poses. Even by Miley standards, her bare bum and boob shots were audacious.

Cyrus arrived in Sydney on Saturday after her debut Aussie gig in Melbourne the night before. The 23 year old then started posting lots of comical shots on Instagram – including a picture of what looked like a bong, stating: ‘Can I get two large medium pizzas.’

Shortly after this, Miley’s best friend Cheyne Thomas posted a picture of the star naked from the waist down as she lay resting. ‘Sleeping biewttyyy,’ he captioned the shot with. Because he’s so funny.

The Wrecking Ball(s) star was so upset about the bum picture that she got up the next morning and started posting pictures of her boobs online. It helped ease the trauma.

Clam’s scientific data team has analysed the images and calculated that the combined size of Miley’s breasts and bum equal the same circumference as Kim Kardashian’s left nipple. The White House is yet to comment.

Cyrus concert ticket sales no doubt got a boost from the self-generated media attention. Daily Mail Australia reports that the shows themselves have also been causing outrage:

‘It was so inappropriate I had to cover Mia’s ears and eyes,’ said the father of a fan. She [Miley] was saying the F-word too much, it was pointless. I feel really bad I brought Mia along.’
Another mother of two boys aged 12 said: ‘We knew it would be like this but she’s outrageous. We left early, I don’t want my sons hearing that stuff. It’s disgusting.’

Despite Miley giving hackers around the world all her login details, none could be even bothered to leak, or even check, the pictures on her phone. We admire her taking the task into her own hands.

Keep up the good work little minx, Clam fans want you to be happy.

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