Miley Cyrus – Fame does not make you a feminist!

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Here’s a laugh to look 2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivalsforward to, Ginger: Miley Cyrus is the cover story for Cosmopolitan UK’s December issue where she’s quoted in the interview saying; “I’m a feminist…”

Excuse us all while we piss ourselves laughing!

The ass-less ‘Twerking queen’ backs up her statement by saying that she’s a feminist ‘in the way that she’s really empowering to women… she also says that she’s loud and funny and not typically beautiful.’ Well we definitely agree on the last one – most pictures of her are haunted by a large tongue sticking out making her resemble a giraffe more than a pop singer!

Enlighten us, Miley, but how does it empower women when you ‘twerk’ in to the groin of a fellow performer in front of millions of people? How does it empower women when you’re constantly being photographed in underwear-resembling outfits? And how does it empower women just because you were born in to stardom and have become an attention seeking singer recording meaningless mainstream bullshit we’ve all heard before?

Other than dry-fucking a wrecking ball instead of a dildo, there’s not much female empowerment in any of your actions, Miley!

Acting what normal people would consider as a slut would doubtfully be considered a feministic revolution by Germaine Greer, Simone De Beauvoir or even Yoko Ono!

The self-acclaimed feminist adds, further in her interview with Cosmo; “A lot of [famous] people get what I call ‘new money syndrome’ – where they didn’t grow up with money, and they’re so scared of losing it that they become obsessed. It’s like an addiction – and once you get a taste for it… But that’s never happened for me…”

Well she is right about that – having been born in to money she has never suffered the ‘new money syndrome’. What she does suffer however is the ‘act-like-a-dickhead-because-it-gets-you-a-lot-of-attention syndrome’. Maybe it’s time that someone reminds her that not all press is good press!



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