Melissa McCarthy reveals too much in Elle cover controversy

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Melissa McCarthy Elle Cover

Melissa McCarthy

Prostituting themselves on the cover of magazines is one of the atrocious things many celebrities have resorted to, in an effort to promote their latest work. Melissa McCarthy is just one of the latest actresses to be blasted for the amount of skin she has revealed to the public, for her picture on the current November cover of popular lifestyle magazine, Elle. But luckily, the ‘Mike and Molly’ star is being targeted for the amount of clothing she has on to cover up her body, which she keeps blown up to match her recent acting success.

McCarthy, who’s clearly been overshadowing her famous Playboy model cousin, Jenny McCarthy, in the acting and weight departments recently, wore a Marina Rinaldi trench coat on the Elle cover. The only flesh shown in the picture is half of the actress’ face, her neck and the top of her shins. But why all the controversy over the actress’ choice of clothing for the cover, Ginger? Readers see more of ‘The Heat’ star’s skin than she has seen of her own body in years.

While walking down the Elle Women in Hollywood gala in Los Angeles, McCarthy was asked if she expected all the hype around the cover. The elephant in the room told E! News she wasn’t expecting the hype not at all, as she wanted to wear the coat.

McCarthy smartly said she grabbed the coat for the shoot because she wanted to cover up. Since the issue came up just in time for the cooler weather of November, she didn’t want to just appear in the black dress she had underneath. She liked the coat so much, she added that she was surprised she didn’t steal it. Then again, she was probably too concerned with loading her arms with the food that was supplied on the set.

Elle’s spokesperson said the magazine’s stylists work with the stars to choose clothes they feel good in. It’s a good thing McCarthy wanted to cover up with the dress for the cover-if she only wore the black dress for the shoot she’d be baring a lot more than her heart and soul.



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