Martin helps Lawrence through hacking trauma

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We always knew that Chris ‘more boring than potatoes’ Martin was a true gent and now the plank of wood is proving it.

As the rest of Hollywood giggles at the endless stream of leaked nudey pics from Jennifer Lawrence’s iPhone, the Coldplay star is providing unyielding support and a big shoulder of strength for his new piece of flange. Bravo, dull nuts.

This weekend the new couple were once again seen in public – this time as Martin and Kings of Leon rocked the Hollywood Bowl in LA. Romance between the superstars is blossoming despite the recent end of Martin’s golden marriage. The long shadow of Gwyneth ‘looks a bit like a seagull’ Paltrow is not proving problematic.

British newspaper, the Daily Mirror, reports:

‘Chris is thought to has fallen head over heels for actress Jen – and is ready to move her into his beach mansion, and friends say she is there ”all the time”.

One pal said: “This is it for Chris. He adores her and they’ve become inseparable. She has pretty much moved in.”

“Chris is in love. There was a chance of working things out with Gwyneth, but not any more. It seems likely that Chris and Gwyneth will soon formally divorce. It would be fair to say Jennifer has more than a few belongings at his place.

“It’s early days but friends are getting excited about a potential wedding – it’s that serious.”

It can’t be easy for Martin, knowing that anyone can pop online and look at embarrassing snaps of his new lady with her beaver out.

If Martin’s iPhone pics get leaked it will probably just reveal snaps of guitars and furniture and flowers and cake. Let’s hope that Jen adds some spice to the world’s most boring pop star.

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