Kim and Kanye humiliated by Paris fashionistas

Celeb Clam Comments Off on Kim and Kanye humiliated by Paris fashionistas 202062

Oh dear, it seems that Kimye just keep yanking people’s chains these days.

The latest unfortunate incident for the couple has come in Paris during Fashion Week. The event is currently lighting up the city, but Kimye’s attempts to hijack any media attention are working for all the wrong reasons.

During the Lanvin catwalk show, loud boos erupted as Kim and Kanye took their seats a little later than anyone else. Kanye, a man adept at making a bad situation worse, decided to make his mark. The rapper approached the crowd and demanded “Don’t boo us…we’re not late!” He also said that Lavin’s head designer Alber Elbaz had “asked to see” him and his wife. Yes, crazy balls, sure he did.

Fashion insiders have already branded the couple ‘fashion flu’ at Paris Fashion Week. They have already been slammed for bringing baby North to a Balenciaga show and for then getting punked at Balmain’s show by a TV prankster.

Kanye’s reactions to such ‘unfortunate’ incidents are consistently dreadful. However, Clam suspects than his constant media ‘glitches’ are far from coincidental. They may make him look like a douchebag, but they keep him in the spotlight – where the big guy needs to be to keep selling records.

Kanye, you verbal diarrhoea’d lunatic, we salute you. Keep up the good work. Please go upload more naked pics of Kim to your iPhone so the ‘hackers’ can keep the world happy.

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