Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour: Artistic freedom or blatant blasphemy?

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Kanye West has long been intolerantly proud of both himself and his music – at times even gone so far as to “quietly” raise his own profile to that of a messiah if not God himself!

Saturday night saw Kanye kick off his Yeezus Tour in Seattle’s Key Arena, which began two hours later than scheduled due to a stolen equipment truck – most likely a pissed off Catholic who knew the show would be an insult to the entire religion, but that’s just clever guessing.

Kanye’s elaborate narcissistic performance of ‘I’m-the-fucking-greatest’ saw no less than four detailed masks covering his face (an inspiration from Icelandic Bjork who also decided to cover her ugly mug on her Biophilia Tour), a circular projection screen, a 60-foot tall mountain set and Jesus.

The performance which was already filled with Catholic imagery such as the Virgin Mary, crucifixes, clouds of incense and gospel/prayer-like intros saw a white man dressed in a stereotypical Jesus-way walk serenely (or highly fucked on drugs) on stage towards Kanye.

Ginger, get this:

Kanye asked “White Jesus, is that you?”

He then continued to throw ‘shits’ and fucks’ towards Jesus in his completely believable act of sheer surprise and awe of the arrival of his… his brother? Son?

“I’ve been looking for you my whole life!” He continues (and if you listen carefully to the video, you can hear a reaction from one of the guys in the audience go; “…way too far man!” The same man later shouts “Jesus is black!” – perhaps the only truth in the whole performance).

Jesus (real name probably George or Dick), comforts Kanye with a simple; “I’ve been here the whole time” and continues preaching that he wasn’t there to make bad people feel good but to make dead people feel alive and show them the light and the truth. From what can be made of the amateur recording, Jesus continues to say that the light and the truth is in Kanye.

Is this artistic freedom? A poorly executed act of showmanship to conceal a lack of real talent in Kanye?

Or is it in fact blasphemy? To tell people that Jesus wants Kanye to “save” people? And through what? Mainstream rap and horrible fashion choices?

Either way, Kim Kardashian – new mum and famous for having absolutely no talent – was proud of her man. Watching the show backstage she tweeted; ‘Can’t wait for tonight #YeezusTour!’

Watch the video and prepare to laugh your tits and balls off at this new Blockbuster comedy.

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