Justin Bieber embraces the female body in strip club groping

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Grabbing for goose is something Justin Bieber has seemingly being enjoying in strip clubs recently. Oh wait, the 19-year-old isn’t old yet to legally be grabbing for the Grey Goose bottle he’d rather be opening his mouth for instead of singing. So he was left to goose a stripper at the VLive club in Houston instead.

While trying to prove he’s man enough to be baiting women and letting them find his trivial worm after they finish their bottles of alcohol, Bieber was photographed walking around the club with a shirt on, and his pushed down to his ankles. The singer finally was able to rise to the occasion of pleasing a woman by touching her ass.

The stripper must have been inebriated after swallowing the liquid pouring out from Bieber, or at the bottles of alcohol he couldn’t drink himself, as she was actually excited to have been touched by him. She posted a picture of the singer on Instagram, writing “He touched my ass. I almost fainted… I’ve danced for a lot of celebrities and they normally don’t phase me but Justin had me in shock!”

The woman also posted a picture of one dollar bills Bieber and his entourage allegedly left on the floor on the club. Apparently the only way women become physically excited by the singer anymore is if he pays them off. But giving the stripper a pile of money is better than a seemingly typical night Bieber has of giving a woman crabs and touching her, and not necessarily in that order.

Bieber also let his morals drop with his pants after he released a new teaser clip for his upcoming documentary, ‘Believe.’ While discussing his love-hate relationship with his critics, he told director Jon Cho “You always gotta keep a smile on your face…you’ve gotta hide your emotions sometimes.” The singer probably had a smile on his face in the club, but did little to hide his reaction to the stripper when his pants fell down when he was near her. Like usual with any sexual situation Bieber finds himself in, he quickly pulled out of offering a response for his quick actions.

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