Johnny Lewis leaves Sons of Anarchy co-star high and dry with love child

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‘Sons of Anarchy’ star Johnny Lewis allegedly not only whacked off his elderly landlady last fall after going on a murderous rampage, but also seemed to blow his load in the bedroom when he fathered a love child with one of former co-stars on the show. The actor, who played aspiring biker-gang member Kip ‘Half-Sack’ Epps on the FX drama for two years, reportedly let his morals fall, along with his pants, three years ago with Diane Marshall-Green.

After the actress appeared on an episode of the acclaimed series, she showed Lewis how to rev his engine in the bedroom. Marshall-Green now has a three-year-old daughter, who she’s raising with her husband, ‘Prometheus’ star Logan Marshall-Green. The sci-fi actor had to step up to the plate, as Lewis couldn’t rise to the occasion of helping with rearing the young girl.

Lewis, who apparently only seemed interested in rearing his former co-star as he fucked her, as he didn’t make a will or legally acknowledge her daughter before he died. But in an effort to close out his estate, Lewis’ family filed documents at L.A. County Superior Court. Marshall-Green is included on the list, which includes a number of possible beneficiaries from Lewis’ life.

However, Lewis’ father doesn’t believe that his son could commit such a heinous act of not legally acknowledging his child, despite his murderous rampage before his own death. The actor’s father believes he and his wife should be named the sole beneficiaries of the $41,000 estate he left behind.

But Lewis’ attorney is saying his client began questioning whether he was the father of his co-star’s child, and even began seeking visitation rights. But Marshall-Green hasn’t responded to questions surrounding the paternity of her child.

The news comes after the one-year anniversary of Lewis killing his landlord, Catherine Davis, at the Los Feliz home they had been sharing. After murdering Davis, the actor dismembered her cat, and eventually fell off the roof of the house, plummeting to his death. Police discovered his body in the driveway, and Davis dead in the house from unspecified trauma. While it was determined during a toxicology report that Lewis had been sober as he committed the murder, his alleged killing spree and love child certainly left those around him high and dry.




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