Iggy getting jiggy – legal battle to stop star’s sex tape release

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Oh Lordy, Ginger Clam hasn’t been this excited since Britney’s beaver winked at us in Wal-Mart. It seems Iggy Azalea has a spicy hot sex tape and it is set to be unleashed on the world.

FilmOn.com viewers have been enjoying all the latest updates on TMZ – it appears that the music star is facing a losing battle to stop the release of her bedtime shenanigans. We just pray that David Hasselhoff makes a guest appearance for some jiggy Iggy action in the blockbuster.

Azalea’s lawyers are reportedly trying every possible tactic to get the video blocked but are unlikely to succeed. Their latest legal chokehold attempt comes down to the star’s name. The porn company that has the alleged tape, Vivid, has been warned that it will get sued if it tries to market any Iggy rompy pompy. Reportedly, the name ‘Iggy’ can only be used by Iggy.

The pop star herself has told her 2.4 million Twitter followers that she doesn’t have a tape.

The alleged video ‘sex partner’ – rapper Hefe Wine – told TMZ Live that there is indeed a tape and that the star knew all about it and consented.

Iggy apparently says she ‘feels betrayed’ by her former boyfriend. Hefe Wine (with that name a sex tape was inevitable) sounds like a real classy dude.

Ginger Clam is interested in making a sex tape with Justin Bieber. If you are reading this little bonzai Bieber baby, please give us a call and let us know what time to get to your hotel room.

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