Hollywood panics! Hackers humiliate more stars

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Oh Lordy, we haven’t been this horny since Oprah mistook Ginger Clam for a taco and wrapped her lips around our bits. A barrage of new stolen celebrity content has hit the net and it is as hot as Britney’s crotch during a Memphis heatwave.

Kim and Kanye are the highest profile victims of the latest releases. Pictures of the couple in bed alongside solo images of a naked Kim were unveiled yesterday.

The extent of stolen iPhone content remains unknown and stars are said to be in a state of ‘perpetual panic’ about what goodies will be released next.

Other stars facing new public humiliation include Vanessa Hudgens, Kaley Cuoco, Jennifer Lawrence, Hayden Panettiere and Hope Solo.

Clam is nervous that the selfies she took while shaving David Hasselhoff’s arse during last year’s Thanksgiving celebrations will be revealed to the world.

More worryingly, if the pictures ever leak about the ‘forgotten weekend’ we spent locked in a disabled bathroom with Justin Bieber, a dolphin and a gallon of lube then we’ll be purple with shame.

If you’ve not managed to accidentally find the hidden pics online yet, then you’ll be interested to know that apparently Kim’s boobs have sagged a bit, Kaley looks funny when on the toilet and at least one celebrity’s beaver is as bald as Dr Phil’s noggin.

Theories have flooded the net that queen of self-publicity, Kim Kardashian, may have leaked her own photos. With her nipples looking like giant droopy mushrooms we doubt that to be the case.

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