Charlie Sheen loses children again after defecating over parenthood

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Charlie Sheen has once again proven what a narcissistic, psychologically fucked up parent he is after regularly pointing out the difficult obstacles his four-year-old twin boys, Bob and Max, with his most recent ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, have been forced to overcome. However, the actor, who has shamelessly defecated over the meaning of acting with such projects as Anger Management and Scary MoVie, is apparently unwilling to care about anyone besides himself, and pay attention to his youngest children.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

The L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services (DCFS) seemingly doesn’t appreciate Sheen’s criticism over everyone in his family, including Mueller, who he called a whore. Even though the actor is right in his assessment of his ex-wife’s willingness to open up for anything that will give her at least temporary pleasure, Sheen didn’t help his case when he called the judge an “anus brain” and the and DCFS “incompetent and lascivious.”

There are allegedly two thoughts that DCFS officers feel about Sheen-he’s such a derelict that he shouldn’t be near the twins, and that he’s never allowed the department the chance to seriously consider him as a suitable parent for Bob and Max. Since Sheen has shown his true side of only taking care of his own personal desires, a judge has given temporary guardianship of Bob and Max to Mueller’s brother, Scott. The twins will move into their mother’s house with their uncle. The judge apparently wanted to protect the children from any more confusion by allowing them to stay in their current school, which Mueller lives near.

The DCFS apparently felt it was important to slowly reintroduce the twins to their mother before granting her full custody rights. The move is understandable, considering her child-like tendency to sniff and inhale whatever’s around her.

The change in guardianship came after the twins’ former caretaker, Sheen’s other ex-wife, Denise Richards, contacted DCFS. The Twisted actress said the boys were violent and misbehaving in ways that she blames Mueller for instilling in them. So she no longer wanted Bob and Max to stay with her and her two daughters with Sheen, Sam and Lola. The twins must be really out of control if a frigid bitch like Richards can’t handle them.



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