Cee Lo Green takes a woman out to eat, in more ways than one

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A woman is saying fuck you to Cee Lo Green after accusing the singer-songwriter of date rape. ‘The Voice’ coach may be left relinquished to brown-bagging it with any desperate whore he can find in the future if a judge agrees that he screwed the woman over after drugging her on a date.

After the case sat dormant for over five months, Harvey Levin questioned on TMZ Live questioned if the woman was truly raped by Green, or if she’s just pursuing the case for money and fame. She said that after eating sushi and having drinks with the rapper in a downtown Los Angeles restaurant in July 2012, she blacked out.

The then remembers waking up naked in a bed next to Green, leaving her to believe he ended the night by eating her out, too. While she may have eaten nuts while they were at the restaurant, the police have found no evidence yet whether or not she ate Green’s nuts during their time together. Though she may have had trouble finding them, given how fat he is.

The woman didn’t immediately report her alleged trip on the singer’s magic stick, as she wasn’t a resident of California. After she returned home, she did report the incident to her local police department. The news then slithered back to the Los Angeles Police Department, much like Green’s one-eyed snake glided into the woman.

The unidentified woman reportedly made a pretext call to Green, where she tried to get him to admit he drilled her hole with his jackhammer without her knowledge or consent. He’s said to have admitted on tape that he brought her to new heights with the drug MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy.

While the woman’s lawyer reportedly only reached out to the singer’s manager to see if he has any known STDs, Green’s team are insisting she’s only looking for a way to earn fast money. His lawyers are also saying that MDMA isn’t known for making people unconscious.

LAPD officers are finalizing their report to figure out whether Green will be prosecuted in the case. The singer’s team is saying they’re not worried about the woman’s claims, as they’re not true. Women who open their legs can’t always be trusted with the truth; but then again, neither can mean who forcibly open them. The case gives a nod to California’s popular Jack In The Box chain, as the singer isn’t able to keep his Jack in his box.

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