Blake Shelton gets blown away by Westbor Baptist Church members

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The citizens of Kansas City have been busy getting blown over by the tornadoes that have been slamming their way. Oh wait, the screams coming from the bush supporters in the area are actually the parishioners of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, as they have been busy blowing Blake Shelton over his concert in the city.

With the organizers of the backwards church threatening to picket ‘The Voice’ judge’s Kansas City concert, Shelton is encouraging them to come out of their closets and go basket shopping with him. After the organizers attacked him over his support of gay rights, the singer said “Westboro Baptist can blow me. Yeah, really, they can.” However, this means that church members likely won’t be going down on, or at least going down to concerts by, the singer anytime soon.

Westboro Baptist Church also proved they had their morals shoved high up their asses when they throttled Shelton for divorcing his first wife, Kaynette Gern, after cheating on her with fellow country star Miranda Lambert. But the former ‘Nashville Star’ finalist apparently knew how to more pleasurably blow Shelton to his liking. If the church learned how to stop sucking at their public relations and image, and learned how to swallow their pride around Shelton like Lambert did, maybe they’ll stop fighting. Then again, pride probably wasn’t the only thing she was swallowing if she got the singing coach to marry her.

But Shelton also proved that he needs to stop brushing up against anyone that gives him attention, and focus more on his religious beliefs. The singer proved the trouble he has with his own oral skills when he pulled himself out of Usher’s birthday party at Bootsy Bellows nightclub in West Hollywood. Following up on his deep assertion that church members could get tongue tied over his package, and not just by singing his songs to his albums, he said “I think that’s one of the commandments.”

The church’s response to Shelton’s rant was: “‘Blow me’ is not going to win the day for you when you stand at the judgment seat.” With all the open mouths surrounding the singer, he was sure to leave behind some angry dragons.



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