Fans fear Bieber on path to destruction

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Heartbroken fans of Justin ‘small like bonzai’ Bieber fear the little ferret is on a mission of self-destruction.

Bieber’s huge fanbase have followed every step of the tiny mischief maker’s increasingly wayward path. Now, they fear the end is nigh. Forums have been flooded with anguished ‘Beliebers’ losing faith in their pre-pubescent cutie pie.

The latest knockout punch has seen Bieber arrested and charged with assault and dangerous driving. The incident in Ontario, Canada, could impact the weeny warbler’s probation in Los Angeles. He has already pleaded guilty as OJ there to two charges – careless driving and resisting arrest.

Ginger Clam is so happy she could pee!

Cops stated that his vehicle hit a minivan, after which a “physical altercation” occurred. We are not sure if that means he had a wank, but either way we are delighted.

The latest news is that Bieber has now been hospitalized in his native Canada – to treat a ‘wrist injury’. Yep, we knew it would be wank related.

The singer was reportedly taken to Stratford General Hospital in Stratford, Ontario, where doctors ‘examined the star’s arm and diagnosed a sprain’.

No weener shuffling for a month, recommends Dr Clam.

Bieber is due to appear in court in Stratford on Sept. 29 September. We’ll be there in case the little dude needs a hand spanking his salami.

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