Bieber escapes phone theft charge

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Clam’s fave little prepubescent winklepicker, Justin ‘my moustache is a caterpillar’ Bieber, has done something strange – he’s been cleared of any wrongdoing! Yipee! viewers were frothy with excitement over recent TMZ reports that Bieber had been investigated for ‘attempted battery, attempted theft and attempted robbery’, connected to an incident in an LA restaurant.

The pop star dwarf was accused of lunging at a fan and stealing his phone at Dave and Buster’s food outlet at the Hollywood & Highland Centre.

However, in good news for the little manchild, it turns out that security camera footage has backed up his case.

‘Law enforcement sources’ now tell TMZ that security footage has been retrieved from the restaurant and it shows that the singer did make a lung for the fan but did not get his phone. The site also suggests that had Bieber’s bodyguards not intervened then the outcome could have been much different.

Ginger Clam is not sure why Bonzai Bieber always seems to erupt so quickly, we trust that once puberty kicks in he’ll feel more relaxed and stop being a naughty boy.

Don’t go changing, Bieber, we love ya.

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