‘Belfie’ – The latest meaningless trend among celebrities

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At first there was the ‘2013 MTV Movie Awards - ArrivalsSelfie’ – the flattering image taken of oneself and posted in a social media network. Now there’s the ‘Belfie’ – the ‘Selfie’ for the bottom.

It would seem that the ‘Belife’ wave has yet to die down following Kim Kardashian posted an overly revealing image of her post-baby body in a white swimsuit last week. The image which some blind people might consider flattering shows her very heavy ASS-et from a very unappealing angle.

The media-attention-whore who posted the picture to look as though it wasn’t planned has been ‘outed’ by a source according to Life & Style magazine. According to the source the image was just the only one out of many taken by the couple after having spent time finding the right angle and light – suffice it to say; they failed!

But what the couple did manage to do was start a horrendous ‘Belife’ wave across the globe with more female celebrities now feeling the need to post their own asses in a desperate attempt for attention – celebrities include Lady Gaga and Rihanna and as of late, model Kelly Brook.

Brook, who obviously sports a naturally lacking white ass, treated her Instagram followers to a digitally enhanced ‘Belfie’ and even went so far as to write to Kim about it: ‘@kimkardashian I’ve seen that shot somewhere before HA!!’

Ginger, the only good thing that can come from this is a potential catfight between the celebs. But then again, Kim Kardashian in a fight? All she needs to do is sit on her component and that would be the end of that – Brook would snap in half like a dry twig!

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