Simon Cowell’s Wedding Plans Update!

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The hot news from London is that razor-tongued X Factor guru Simon Cowell is planning to marry the New York socialite who is pregnant with his child.

The TV mogul will tie the knot with stunning Lauren Silverman, 37, during a traditional church ceremony close to his mom Julie’s home in Sussex, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

It seems that loved-up Cowell is desperate for his 87-year-old mom to see him make an honest woman of Lauren, who recently divorced wealthy real estate owner Andrew Silverman.

Sinitta & Gest

Sinitta with David Gest. Hot new couple?

Cowell, 54, and Lauren are now said to be planning an intimate wedding after the birth of their child next year. The gathering will only be attended by a handful of celebs, including Brit singer Sinitta, an ex-girlfriend of Cowell.

Lauren will then hold a blessing for friends in America.

A source said: “Simon’s mum has always dreamt of the day he settles down with one woman and he’s determined for her to be a big part of the day.”

The long-awaited Cowell baby is tipped to have the middle name of Eric, after Cowell’s late father

Meanwhile Cowell has been talking about his bliss on Twitter. Earlier this month he told the social networking site: “Excited to reveal some news in the next few weeks. Am feeling very positive right now. It’s been hard work butnothing should be too easy.”



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